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Meet Our Channel Distribution Clients

client-logo-aplicare-kahmann-elements-channel-distribution-strategyA market leader in the formulation and packaging of health care products.


Jim assisted in building out their sales and marketing architecture and their channel distribution strategy. Following his problems and opportunities analysis, Jim recommended a plan, assisted in recruiting, hiring and training sales, marketing and client services personnel to execute the plan, and is currently a consultant to Aplicare's upper management.


client-logo-skymall-kahmann-elements-channel-distribution-strategyA specialty, publishing and marketing services company producing a popular in-flight publication: The only in-flight magazine distributed in airplane seat pockets.




Jim worked with the marketing services group, assisting in the planning and execution of programs for the fulfillment and loyalty marketing group, helping to improve both top line revenue and bottom line profits.


client-logo-xl-group-kahmann-elements-channel-distribution-strategyA business solutions company, helping companies transform high value information into game changing insight and actionable initiatives.



Jim helped XL Group deliver a comprehensive package of products that includes consulting services and technology solutions which help companies make work more visible and actionable. He recruited, hired and trained sales people in the strategic selling process resulting in significant sales and profit improvement.


Also included in Jim's list of clients:













Additionally, Jim's clients include several mid-cap companies specializing in direct and channel sales and web-based delivery systems.

Jim serves on the board of several companies engaged in marketing services, inquiry management and customer acquisition.