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How can you strengthen channel distributor loyalty? Find out by requesting your free 30-minute consultation with channel distribution expert Jim Kahmann.

Free 5-Point Channel Distribution Consultation:

How can you strengthen channel distributor loyalty?

demoFind out now: Request a free 30-min expert consultation.


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Today's Changing Channels

by Jim Kahmann

demoVirtually every channel of wholesaling and distribution is undergoing, or has undergone, change and consolidation. There may be fewer competitors, but they compete differently than they have in the past... learn more


Free 5-Point Channel Distribution Consultation

How loyal are your channel distributors, and how is this affecting the success of your business?


Find out by requesting your free 30-minute consultation with channel distribution expert Jim Kahmann.

The success of a channel distribution program depends upon setting it up as a sales process. Through some well-chosen, targeted key questions Jim will help you accurately complete the following short survey, assessing how you have accomplished the 5 points of creating a channel distribution sales process that works:

  1. Value and Expectations:

    • How successfully have you sold the value of their partnership to your distribution partners?

    • How clear are goals, service requirements and reporting requirements to your distribution partners?

  2. Resources and Training:

    • How well have you equipped your distribution partners? Do they have the necessary inventory and sales support materials?

    • What quality of training have you provided and how effective is it toward promoting your sales goals?

  3. Sales Support: What promotions and programs do you offer to support the partner and help them increase sales?

  4. Conflict Resolution: How have you minimized pricing conflicts. If you use multiple channels, have you carefully mapped out the price for each step in your channel and included a fair profit for each type of partner?

    • Have you compared the price that the end-user will pay?

    • Is it possible for a customer to buy from one channel at a lower price than another?

    Pricing conflict is common but it can jeopardize your entire strategy.

  5. Revenue Flow Drivers: How are you driving revenue through channels? Your channel partners are really your best customers. How does your service to them support that reality? More specifically:

    • What marketing funds and materials have you provided to promote your products?

    • When did you run your most recent campaign to generate leads and forward them to your partners? How successful was it, and when is the next campaign scheduled?

Position your program and your business for greater success. Request your free 5-Point Channel Distribution Consultation now.


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