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Kahmann Elements, LLC, helps to recruit, hire and train top channel distribution performers who will drive the corporate bus to successful results.

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Recruiting, Hiring and Training

Recruiting is the process that companies employ to source, select, interview and hire candidates for specific positions within their organization. Most companies have an established procedure they follow in the selection process. While this process may vary from company to company, most view it as an essential element of good management. Hiring the right people at the right time for the right positions is the lifeblood of enlightened companies. Our fee is agreed to in advance of the assignment and follows the client's recruiting policy.

The process that Kahmann Elements utilizes in behalf of the employer in the recruiting process incorporates the following:

  1. Job Analysis - document and gain agreement on the position (job) description - the attributes, knowledge and skills required for the position.
  2. Sourcing - the process of attracting and identifying candidates that fit the ideal candidate profile.
  3. Screening - .Psychological testing can be employed to determine a proper fit. This is not to conflict with whatever learning instruments used by the employer.
  4. Coaching the candidate - Making certain the candidate is well-prepared for the interviews and meetings that follow.
  5. Negotiating - At the direction of the client employer, enter into the negotiating practice with both parties when needed,
  6. Follow up - Continue to communicate with both clients and candidates and offer counsel accordingly.
  7. Searching - Sustain an active procedure of finding qualified candidates that fit client needs.

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